Reducing fixed costs

Fixed costs such as rent, can be permanently reduced by own land.


Ensuring supply

The monthly costs for the children's home with 120 children needs to be ensured.


Help for self-help

At a certain point in time, the children's home should be able to finance itself.


The Swiss association "Solid Foundation Charity" was founded especially for this children's home project in Uganda. We want to support the children's home in Mityana Uganda with donations and with our own funds.

Fusion with PMCO

In August 2020 did we get to know Thomas Bleile from german Charity PMCO. PMCO is working already since two years at the same place in Mityana Uganda. Because of the fact that we have exactly the same vision did both Charity decide to fusion. Together are we faster and able to combine synergy and resources.


of your donation

is used directly on site. No fees will be deducted from the donated amounts. Expenses, administrative and flight costs are at the expense of the members of the Board of Management and the passengers.

Give help where it is most needed

With little money you can make a big difference here! Small amounts of money can change lives for the better in Uganda.

Our goal is to give the children a good start in life

"We can't do big things,
but small ones with a lot of love."




Children can attend 7 years of primary school. Good students receive scholarships for high school.


In addition to a roof over their heads, the children here experience love and acceptance and an open ear for their concerns.


There is still a lot of catching up to do here.
A varied and balanced diet should be part of everyday life. We also want to provide medical assistance.


There is oatmeal for breakfast, a lunch and dinner consisting mostly of corn or rice enriched with beans.

Become a member

Can you identify with our vision and do you want to get involved on site or in your environment and actively help? Then contact us.

Restore hope and dignity

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